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Protect your mobile home or recreational vehicle while you are traveling and camping.

What You Need To Know

RV Insurance Coverages

Personal liability, property and more

You probably bought your motor home or travel trailer because it offers the best of both worlds: the ability to explore the world we live in and the convenience of your home each night when you pull over. Motor homes and travel trailers offer freedom and joy that’s unique regardless of the size of a coach or fifth wheel you explore with.

But with this dual benefit also come some increased risks. As a vehicle, your motor home needs some auto-type insurance to protect you from crashes, medical costs and the like while you’re driving on the road. But comprehensive RV insurance needs to also protect you when you have stopped and camped. That means you need insurance closer to what you find in a homeowner’s policy that includes the following features:


Protection in case someone is injured in or around your RV


Enhanced property insurance that will protect the contents of your RV in case of theft or damage.


Protection that helps pay for your cost of living if you are displaced from your motor home.


Another layer of protection that covers your awning, tv antennas or other accessories that might be damaged.

Additional Information

Vacation liability, roadside assistance and more

Getting the right recreational vehicle insurance doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult with an insurance expert on your side. Consider Vacation Liability coverage for when you stop driving and start using your recreational vehicle as a temporary residence. Some policies can include additional coverage for physical damage in Mexico. 

Some policies include Roadside Assistance, which has you covered 24/7 in the event of a breakdown or accident. Some will even allow you to upgrade the coverage to include lodging, transportation, and meal coverage if needed. Our claims service is available 24/7. In the event you have a loss, the insurance companies we work with have skilled claims teams who will work with you to get your RV repaired and back on the road.


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